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Dave | January 1, 2023 | Updated on: January 8th, 2024

If you are trying to find the best bet in Roulette, you have come to the right place.

The first thing you need to consider is which bet is going to make you happy when you are playing Roulette. Some people want to have small wins frequently because it allows them to play the game or longer periods.

However, for other people, the excitement and anticipation of hitting the big jackpot keep them playing Roulette even if it means losing money quickly.

While other bettors enjoy finding the best bets in Roulette that have the lowest house edge, you will find the house edge for many of the roulette bets is the same.

You have to know how to choose your bets in Roulette’s game, especially if your goal is to find the lowest house edge. There are many bets that you can try in Roulette, which will bring you all the excitement you crave.

Best Roulette Bets

Placing the Straight-Up Bet

Many casino players and mathematicians love to use the term variance to refer to the variation in your bankroll, which is caused by a deviation in statistics. For the most part, if you find that the difference is low, that means the payout will be high.

So, what this means is that if you are playing Roulette and you place a straight-up bet on one number, it is most likely that you will win back 35 units. However, you have to keep in mind that you might win every 37 hands. So, if you find that the variance is high, it most probably means that you will get even money.

Another thing that you have to keep in mind is that even-money wagers don’t win that often. Especially if you are expecting the same amount of money that you wagered.

American Roulette – Low House Edge Bets

In the game of American Roulette, there are two kinds of wagers you can place as a player. There is a wager which has a house edge of 5.26%, and there is also a bet with a house edge of 7.29%. So, if you want to have a lower house edge, you have to stay away from the five-number wager.

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