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Top Sic Bo Tips and Tricks

Find the best Sic Bo tips on the web with Casino US. Our team brings you the top tips for playing Sic Bo to make sure you have the best possible experience. While there are no tips that can improve your chances of winning, the Sic Bo tips we have will improve your gaming experience.

Sic Bo is a game of luck, and no strategy can change this. But we still recommend reading through our tips and tricks to take our Sic Bo game to the next level. Read through our tips below, and you’ll improve your game in no time.

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Best sic bo tips and tricks

Sic Bo Tips – Defensive Betting

Our first tip for playing Sic Bo is paying attention to the types of bets you are making. We highly recommend players adopt a defensive style of betting, which may not sound all that fun. As Sic Bo is a game of chance, playing slowly and being patient is extremely important. Playing defensively like this will ensure you protect your bankroll for longer and stay in the game for longer.

By playing for longer, you could very well see luck favor you and walk away with some nice winnings. Keep in mind, though, that lady luck is all that matters, and defensive betting is no guarantee of winning money. The bets with the lowest house edge sit at around 2.8%, so it’s best to focus on these. But as with all casino games, the house always wins, so know when to walk away.

Make Big and Small Bets

One of the bets we highly recommend is Small and Big Bets. These two bets give players the chance to win frequently, but the payouts are smaller. If you’re unfamiliar with the game of Sic Bo, you may not know what a Big bet and Small bet are.

A small bet is where players bet that the combined value of the three dice will be between 4 and 10. Big bets are when the player wagers that the combined total of the dice will be between 11 and 17. The payouts with Big and Small bets are 1:1, and you have a nearly 50% chance of winning when placing one of these. These are similar to betting on Red or Black in Roulette.

Single Number Betting

It doesn’t take long for players to notice that the payouts for betting on a single number are significantly higher than some other bets. This can lead to players being more aggressive with their bets.

We advise caution, though. The payout is much higher because the odds of winning are so much lower. It is a far riskier bet to make, and players can burn through their budget really quickly.

If you do decide you want to place single number bets, we advise betting on a number from a single dice. This at least means there are three chances for your number to come up every round. Players have gone on very good winning streaks by betting like this.

Place Combination Bets

Another good bet for players to use is combination bets. With a combination bet, players bet that two numbers will show up on the dice. For example, let’s say you place a combination bet on 2 and 5. If the dice come up with 2, 5, and 6, the player wins.

However, both numbers players predicted need to be present to win. So, if the dice showed up 2, 4, and 6, you would lose. The bet still has a relatively low house edge, and players should expect to win one out of seven bets.

Avoid Triple Bets

One tempting bet for many players is the triple bet. This is where players bet on one number coming up on all three dice. The payout is very impressive, but the odds of the same number coming up on all three dice is very low.

This is one of those bets you can occasionally make, if you’ve had a good winning streak and want to try your luck. But do not place this bet often.

Sic Bo Tips – Place Smart Bets

As you get more comfortable with playing Sic Bo, you might decide you want to try out various different bets and not just Big, Small, and Combination bets. Our advice would to just make sure you do this in a smart way. Take a close look at the payout table and look at which bets give you a good balance between risk and reward. Remember, the higher the payout, the lower the chances of actually winning.

Set a Budget

We always advise players to set a budget. This is even more important when it comes to completely random games like Sic Bo. Players need to decide how much money they are willing and able to lose. Once you reach this limit, you have to walk away.

Do not deposit more money and try chase your losses. This is how people get into trouble. Also, budget your time and decide how long you’re going to play for beforehand. Once your time is up, stop playing.

Keep a Clear Head

Last but not least, always keep a clear head when gambling. Players need to think logically about their next moves and bets, so try to keep your emotions in check. If you’re feeling tired or are in a bad mood, rather don’t gamble.

The same goes for alcohol. Do not drink and gamble. Make sure you are sober, otherwise you could make poor decisions that will lead to significant financial losses.

top tips for playing Sic Bo

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