Is Live Dealer Blackjack Rigged?

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Dave | September 3, 2023 | Updated on: January 8th, 2024

Playing at live online casinos can sometimes feel like a scam when you don’t know how it works, such as live dealer blackjack. If you’re playing at a legit casino, you can rest assured the game is carefully monitored.

Both the stream, deck, and barcodes on the real cards are carefully tracked by the software provider, ensuring fairness. But, if you’re still not convinced, we explain how it works further below so you can play live online blackjack with peace of mind.

Is Live Dealer Blackjack Rigged?

Consider the Odds of Winning

Whether you’re playing live dealer blackjack or a virtual game, the chances of winning remain the same. Even if you lose multiple hands consecutively, there’s no cheating involved because nothing can influence these games.

Many blackjack players complain that a game is rigged because they’ve lost so many hands in a row. The odds of losing in blackjack are, unfortunately, much higher than that, thanks to the house edge.

Another common complaint is about specific games with conflicting opinions of fairness for two casinos. One player complains that Casino A’s game is rigged because it’s too tight compared to Casino B. Meanwhile, someone else complains that Casino B’s game is rigged when compared to Casino A.

So, what does that actually mean about live dealer blackjack being rigged? Not much, because the games are the same, and no one will sit through enough hands to prove it.

Live Dealer Blackjack is Automated

Something else you should consider is that both virtual and live dealer games are automated. In virtual games, outcomes are based on random number generators (RNGs). These are complex systems that can’t be hacked and are constantly tested for fairness.

In comparison, the shoe (where cards are stored in live dealer blackjack) is automated and shuffles the deck between games. And the cards have barcodes, which are scanned every time a card is taken from the shoe (or put back).

Even if you’re playing at a land-based casino, a human dealer will be watched carefully to prevent cheating. Many casinos use a type of software that will track people caught cheating and notify management. Brick-and-mortar casinos are particularly hard on cheating, so you can play there safely.

Live Dealer Blackjack is Automated

So, Is Live Dealer Blackjack Rigged?

The short answer is no, and the long answer is that there are many systems in place to prevent it. When you factor everything in, it’s possible to rig live dealer blackjack at online gaming sites, but hard to do and harder to get away with.

If you think there’s something suspicious about the live dealer casino while you’re playing online, though, you can report it. The software providers do have an error system in place in case of a technical or human error.

Another thing to consider is that all internet casino games are regularly audited by a third party. This organization will review every small detail during a review.

So, you can now stake real money on a hand without having to worry about rigging.

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