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Top Horse Racing Betting Guide

Bet on Horse Racing Nothing beats the thrill of betting on your favorite horse on the track. Whether you have been on the track or not, anyone can start horse racing betting. It is easy to get into the action, all you have to do know the types of horse racing bets.

We take you through different kinds of bets so you can wager at the best horse racing betting sites. Firstly, you need to know how to bet on horses. Once you understand the basics you can join other bettors who enjoy horse racing betting.

Seasoned bettors can also learn a thing or two to improve their track success. Also, we have everything that a new player needs to know about horse racing betting. Players can go through horse racing faqs should they have further questions.

On this detailed page, there are useful strategies that you can implement. If you want your horse racing betting to move to another level, then pay attention to our tips and tricks. Betting the ponies has never been this simple, let us show you how right here.

Best Horse Racing Betting Sites

Going to the tracks these days is a matter of preference. With online horse racing betting, you can make bets anywhere that you have an internet connection.

Bettors don’t have to worry about the weather, they have time to do errands.  Horse racing betting online is the way to go. So, bet on ponies with the following recommend betting sites:


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How to Bet on Horse Racing

We have steps that you can follow when you want to bet on horses:

  1. Sign up with a trusted horse racing sports betting bookmakers.
  2. Then, you are required to make a deposit.
  3. Choose horse racing on the sportsbook tabs.
  4. Get your horse betting slip.
  5. Select the name of the racetrack you want to wager on.
  6. State the race number.
  7. Choose how much you are willing to bet.
  8. Select the number of horses you wish to wager on.
  9. Confirm your wager.
  10. Follow up on the horse racing result to see if you won or not.

Popular Horse Racing Bets

The types of bets may be daunting at first, especially if you are a new player.  Horse racing wagers can be grouped in two ways, exotic and straight wagers. Beginners are advised to go with straight wagers because they are not expensive and are simple.

Exotic bets, on the other hand, are for seasoned punters. They are centered around placing bets on two horses that you predict will take first or second position in that order. There are many different types but we will stick with the common ones that players like. We will break down the pony wagering options below:

Straight Bets

  • Place – players wager on what place the horse will take. This can be the first or second position. You win if your wager is correct.
  • Win – this wager involves bettors making a bet on a horse that will be in be first.
  • Show – you bet on whether you think your horse be in the first, second or third position.
  • Across the Board – this bet is based on whether you think your horse will place, win or show.
Horse Racing Betting Strategy

 Exotic Bets

  • Quinella – players can wager on which two horses will come in first or second. This is in any order so long as they end in the top two.
  • Exacta – this bet is similar to quinella wagers, you still choose which horse will finish first or second place. The only difference is that the horses have to finish in the exact order.
  • Trifecta – you simply wager on three horses that will end up in first, second and third place.
  • Superfecta – in this case, you bet on four horses. These horses have to finish the race in the exact order

Horse Betting Strategy

Each year, many players wager on horses. You don’t want to be one of those players who neglect horse racing betting tips, these tricks can contribute to a possible win. Have a look at the following points:

  • Research – race forms will give you more information about a race and the horses participating. It will give you details that will allow you to make an informed decision.
  • Make Different Types of Wagers – with so many wagers at your disposal, see how you can put types of bets together. The whole point for this is to make strategic wagers.
  • Shop For Odds – all bets that you make on horses are not random, you have to look around for the best odds. Check out the best horse racing betting sites that we have already suggested. This can make a huge difference in your overall payout.
  • Wager on Several Races – we are not saying that you should wager on all the races. You have to select which races are worth a bet. Like we previously mentioned, your wager has to be formulated around the good decisions.
  • Bankroll– a budget is important when it comes to betting on any sports for that matter. Horse Racing Betting is no different. The amount that you set out to spend must strictly be used wisely. Make sure you discipline yourself so that you don’t overspend on wagers.

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