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eSports Betting Guide

eSports have really taken off in recent years, becoming extremely popular all around the world. As with most competitive sports, this has allowed the creation of eSports betting, where people can place wagers on the outcomes of these matches. Even if you’re not a competitive gamer, this now allows you to get involved in the excitement of eSports and stand to win some money. It doesn’t matter what type of video games you enjoy playing or watching; eSports betting will allow you to get involved in it all.

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eSports betting guide USA

However, many gamblers remain confused by what eSports are. So, the team at Casino US decided to put together a full guide on eSports. This will include explaining what it is, what are the most popular forms of eSports, how to get involved, and how to bet money on the games. So, sit back and let’s dive into the world of eSports and eSports betting.

What are eSports?

Before we even get started, we need to answer the question, what are eSports? The simplest way to put it is that eSports are competitions that take place using video games. The best gamers take part in these competitions and try to be the best. Many people don’t realize how big the video game market really is. When very popular video games launch, they often earn more money on their opening weekend than the biggest Hollywood blockbusters do.

With video games being so popular, it’s only natural for a competitive scene to emerge, known as eSports or Electronic Sports. eSports can be solo events or team based and take place in most popular video games. These include First-Person Shooters, real-time strategy games, battle arena games, and racing/driving games.

In addition to this, people can watch these tournaments as they happen. Top tournaments are live streamed on the likes of twitch and YouTube, including commentators to keep you informed about what is going on. It became so popular that in 2017, there were around 100 million views.

Players competing in these tournaments are competing for serious cash as well. When these eSports competitions first started, the prizes were small, but now that the popularity has grown, major sponsors have come onboard. This means the prize money is pretty serious as well. An international event that was held in Seattle in mid-2017 had a total prize pool of nearly $21 million!

It’s clear the eSports has become massively popular in recent years, and it shows no signs of slowing down. This means more competitions, more sponsors, more gamers, and bigger prizes. This also means more opportunities for gamblers to get involved and bet on these eSports tournaments!

How eSports Tournaments Work

eSports tournaments work in a similar way to most other sporting competitions. The tournaments are organized play-offs where individual players or teams take on the competition. As they win their matches, they progress through into the next bracket to play other teams or players that have been victorious. The format can be likened to the NBA or World Series.

However, while those competitions can take weeks or months to complete, eSports tournaments are held in a much shorter space of time, normally over a few days. This adds an element of endurance on the part of the players, but also those trying to watch their team.

While some eSports tournaments do receive television coverage, it is generally not at the same levels as traditional sports yet. This is despite the fact that it is not uncommon for certain eSports competitions to have more viewers than traditional sports.

What Games can I bet on? – Most Popular eSports Games

While gamblers will probably be able to wager on just about any game being played, it’s always more fun when there are more people wagering in the same game, as well as more people watching the tournament unfold. As eSports continues to grow, more and more games are becoming popular, but below is a list of the most popular eSports titles during 2017.

League of Legends

League of Legends is known as a MOBA, or Multiplayer Online Battle Arena.  Players control a hero and fight in teams to defeat the enemy players. This has consistently been one of the largest and most popular online games for eSports and is the most-watched. The 2017 World Championship had more viewers than the NBA finals! It regularly has over 90 million viewers from around the world

League of Legends eSports


DOTA 2 is a similar game to League of Legends, with players controlling a hero and battling it out for the victory. The original game is credited as being one of the forefathers for this type of eSports game. It was also considered to be one of the most lucrative eSports games in 2017.

Counter-Strike GO

Counter-Strike Global Offensive, or CS:GO is a team-based first-person shooter, which pits two teams against each other. The original Counter-Strike can trace its roots back to the 1990s, and there have been a few other versions since then. This is a fast-paced game which attracts around 45 million viewers for the large competitions.

eSports Counter Strike GO

Starcraft II

Starcraft II is a real-time strategy game and is actually a relative newcomer to the eSports scene. The original game had a massive following though, including some very competitive gameplay. While this game is not as big as the likes of League of Legends, it still attracts large prize pools and plenty of competition.


This is one of the more unusual eSports games. Hearthstone is another relatively new eSports title and began life as a collectable card game. This is the digital version of that game and has over 70 million players from around the world. This is probably more aimed at those who prefer a slower-paced game to play or watch.

Getting Started – eSports Betting

So, now we’re pretty sure we’ve given you a decent overview of what eSports is and the most popular video games that are played competitively. If you’re still reading, you’re probably interested in starting to place wagers on eSports tournaments. If you’re looking to get started, we’re happy to report that it couldn’t be easier.

As with other forms of sports betting, betting on eSports is really easy. All you need to do is find an online sportsbook you like, create an account, and you’ll be placing your bets in no time.  If you’re already signed up at a sports book, there’s a pretty good chance that they might offer eSports betting already. Otherwise, there are dedicated sites for betting on electronic sports.

If you’re completely new and you’re signing up at a site, do your research beforehand. Make sure you find a sportsbook that is reputable and trustworthy, pays out quickly, offers good odds, and even some bonuses and promotional offers.

Making your eSports Bets

Once you’ve got your account ready, it’s time to start making some bets. This is done in the same way as any other form of sports betting. Players will find a calendar of upcoming events; they can see the odds of each competitor, and place their bets. As with other sports, gamblers will often find there is a strong favorite for an event, but there are also always upsets and underdogs who surprise everyone.

eSports competitions

Most people tend to bet on who they think will win a particular competition, whether it’s an individual player or a team. However, there will also be other bets that players can place. These will be game dependent, depending on the objectives or tasks in the game. If you’re betting on FIFA, this could be who scores the first goal or who concedes the first penalty. If you’re wagering on League of Legends, you can bet on which team will destroy the first tower, inhibitor, or dragon. There are plenty of bets to be made, so have fun!

eSports betting on the Go

One of the best things about eSports betting is that players can do it wherever they are. Smartphones will allow players to make bets and watch the action live, as long as they are connected to the internet. It doesn’t matter what mobile device you’re using; you’ll be able to log into your account and place your bets. You’ll also be able to watch the action unfold over Twitch from your phone or tablet. Just be careful of the mobile data usage.

eSports Betting FAQs

What are eSports?

The term is short for ‘Electronic Sports’ Essentially, it is the term used to describe competitive play in video games. The best gamers enter competitions and try to win the tournaments. As eSports have gained popularity, the prize money for these tournaments has increased drastically. It is at the point now where the winners can walk away with multi-million-dollar prizes.

What eSports can I bet on?

Most popular multiplayer video games have eSports tournaments that gamblers can wager on. The most popular eSports titles include the likes of DOTA 2, League of Legends, Counter-Strike GO, and more. Whether you want to bet on first-person shooters, strategy games, racing games, or sports games, you’ll be able to find eSports tournaments.

What type of bets can I make?

This varies from game to game. Obviously, you’ll be able to bet on a player or team winning a particular match or tournament. But you’ll also be able to place other bets. Which team does a certain thing first, who scores the first goal, who sets the fastest lap etc.

How much should I bet on eSports?

This depends entirely on the individual player. In order to decide how much you’re going to bet, you need to look at your disposable income. You’ll also need to consider your knowledge of the game and its players, and how confident you are. You might decide you want to bet $5, or $500. It’s entirely up to you, and there is no right answer.

How can I improve my chances of winning?

As with normal sports betting, it all comes down to preparation. Gamblers need to do their research on the teams or players in question. Become familiar with their strengths and weaknesses, so you can make an educated guess how they’ll do in the tournament. You should also look at multiple sources for the odds, as these can vary greatly between different sites. Finally, remember that no matter how much research you do, no matter how much the odds favour a team, there are always upsets. Sometimes the underdog plays the game of their lives and is able to beat the sure thing.

How can I make sure the betting site is secure?

Just as players need to do their research before selecting casinos, the same is true for sports betting sites. Players need to do their research, read reviews, make sure the site is licensed and regulated and has proper encryption for banking transactions. Most sites will offer a minimum of 128-bit SSL encryption. Try and find some reviews from other players as well. They’ll be able to tell you if they had any issues with withdrawing their winnings.

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