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Best College Football Odds

Best College Football OddsBettors are aware of the large interest generated by college football. That is why you need an all-inclusive guide into college football odds when betting online. You can find top tier NCAA football odds on the best picks for the weekend and bet to win. Players are already familiar with moneyline odds and how it works. For bettors that are still new to online betting, we’ve collected the most popular odds on college football matches that you will find online.

As one of the most popular sports betting market in the world, NCAA college football betting is another avenue for bettors to make loads of money. There are several divisions that offer the season’s best NCAA college football odds, right through to the playoffs as well as the Bowl Championship Series. We’ve collected a list of sportsbooks that offer college football odds online.

Top College Football Betting Sites


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College Football Odds Explained

You can make money betting on college football, but only if you know how to read betting odds. It is customary to find American odds format instead of the decimals or fractions typically used at European sportsbooks online. The American format is very easy to identify, in which the odds are represented by either a positive (+) or a negative (-) sign. These symbols are used to signify two things:

  • The positive sign (+) is used to determine the underdog in the football match-up. Any team that versus Clemson College Football team are placed at a disadvantage because the team won the Bowl Championship last year.
  • The negative sign (-) is used to identify the favorite team that is deemed to have the better chances of winning the game. The Alabama Crimson Tide football team are tipped as the team to give Clemson a run for their money this year, after falling short at the final hurdle last year.

Favorites to Win NCAA Football Championship 2021

The college football championship odds are largely based on previous exploits along with fresh recruits that look promising. Similarly, the National Football League (NFL) teams with the best players tend to perform better than others. It is important to note that the roster of each team changes every season due to some of the top players being drafted to the NFL. Clemson will look to retain the services of star quarterback Trevor Lawrence if they are to retain the Bowl.

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NCAA College Football Lines

Part of learning how to bet on college football odds is choosing the right college football lines when betting. Here’s a list of some of the college football betting lines that you are likely to find when betting online:

Point Spreads

This reflects a bettor’s knowledge of the game when they are about to predict the margin of victory for one team. Sportsbooks generally place the favorites to win at a disadvantage in order to balance the scale. The bookmakers attract bettors with impressive odds on the favorite valued at -3.5 to indicate that the team will win by four points or more. On the other hand, the positive sign on the line +3.5 indicates that the team is the underdog in the match and will lose by three points or less.

Moneyline Betting

Typically recommended for new bettors, this bet requires players to choose the outright winner of the match to win their bet. Keeping in line with the American format, the favorites will be designated with the negative sign (-150) and bettors will have to wager $150 in order to win $100. The underdog will be displayed as (+150) with a positive symbol. In this case, players will only need to bet $100 on the underdog to win to claim a $150 payout.


If you can predict the college football side that will win the championship, you can wager on future bets to win big. Once the regular season begins, future odds change because things happen during the season that swings the chances of the team making the playoffs. Players get injured, coaches are sacked, and management changes also determine which team has the better odds of winning.


This bet relates to the college football scores and what the combined tally is after the game is finished. Also known as the over/under bet, players have to determine what the final score of both teams will be over or under a specified margin. Since football is generally a high-scoring sport, players will receive a big payout if they can predict a low scoring match.

Live NCAA Betting

If you missed the kickoff, top bookmakers offer the latest college football odds live when the match is playing. Just like the NFL football odds, you can pick the team to win along with the margin of victory even after the game has started. The odds in the game change based on how the team is performing on the field. Live in-play bets on football allow bettors to recoup some of the money if something goes wrong with their initial bet.

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