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Weirdest Gambling Superstitions In the USA

Winning or losing when gambling has a lot to do with luck, so it makes sense that there will be plenty of weird superstitions surrounding casino games. Many of these may seem completely random, but many gamblers swear by these gambling superstitions. Some of these are reserved for land-based casinos, while others are more general. If you’re interested to see what sort of weird superstitions some American gamblers have, keep reading!

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Wierdest Gambling Superstitions in the USA

Craps Superstitions – Never Say Seven

This is one of those superstitions that regularly catch out new players and can make other players angry with them. When playing a game of Craps, players must never say the number 7 out loud. This is especially true in the come-out roll phase when landing a 7 is an instant win. You can think about the number 7 and pray for it all you want, but if you speak it, prepare to receive some death stares from any superstitious gamblers.

Lucky Red

There are many cultures around the world that believe that red is a lucky color. It didn’t take long for American gamblers to adopt this belief and make sure they were wearing red. There are many American players who will not gamble unless they are wearing a red item of clothing. This could be red underwear, socks, or shirts – as long as they have something red on.

Stay Away from Dogs

This one seems a little unfair, but should be relatively easy at a land-based casino. This superstition says that gambling near a dog is bad luck. We don’t know how this one started, but there are quite a few people that say gambling near a dog is bad luck. This will be more difficult when playing at home at an online casino, not to mention if you need a service dog. This is one superstition we might be willing to risk.

Lucky Bag Superstition

This superstition relates to African-American folk magic from the 1800s, where people try to harness their mojo and put it in a bag. In this case, players will take a red flannel bag and fill it with lucky objects, as well as herbs and minerals. If done correctly, it is said that it will bring the user good fortune. Keep in mind though, the flannel bag is supposed to be hidden on your person, and never revealed to the world.

Craps Virgins Can Bring Good or Bad Luck

This Craps superstition changes depending on who the virgin is. By virgin, we simply mean someone who has never played Craps before. If the virgin is a woman, it is said that she will bring good luck to the table. However, if it is a man who is playing craps for the first time, it is considered bad luck.

Craps Superstition – The Dice

Yet another superstition revolving around Craps, this one states that if one or both of the dice fly off the table, players must make sure to retrieve the dice and keep using them. If players allow a new pair of dice to be selected by the casino, their luck will turn.

Don’t Use the Main Entrance

This is a fairly weird superstition that says that players must not enter the casino through the front door, as this will bring them bad luck. There have been numerous cases where players will go to great lengths to find a side entrance into the casino, ensuring they avoid the bad luck that comes with the front door.

Weird Superstitions Conclusion

That’s about it for this list of strange casino and gambling superstitions. How many of these had you heard of? Do you believe in any of them and which ones did we miss out on?

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