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A Complete Guide to Betting Systems

Looking for a guide on betting systems? You’ve come to the right place. There’s nothing better than playing your favorite casino game and walking away with some nice winnings. It doesn’t need to be a jackpot, but simply winning money makes all gamblers very happy. This is where betting systems can help, as they are designed to help a player’s bankroll last as long as possible.

The longer a gambler can play, the better their chances of winning money.  The systematic nature of betting systems allows players to easily decide what to do next and assist them in getting to a big win. We’ve put together a comprehensive guide on betting systems that players can use in their favorite casinos, both USA online casinos and land-based.

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What exactly are Betting Systems?


Betting Systems USA Roulette

As the name suggests, a betting system is a method of placing wagers when playing a casino game. The idea is that it will help make your funds last longer in the hopes of the player securing more wins. Ever since casino games gained popularity, players have sought to eliminate the house edge. Betting systems are one of the methods used to try and improve a player’s odds.

The good news is that these systems are very simple, by design, so they’re very easy to follow. In general, there are two main types, the negative progressive and positive progressive systems, which we’ll cover in detail later. However, before you read any further, players need to understand that a betting system is no guarantee that you’ll win money. Betting systems have a chance of helping players win more money in the short term, but in the long term, the house always wins.

Casino Games to Use Betting Systems With

Many players wonder: which casino games they can use these betting systems with? Are they designed for a specific casino game, or will they work with all games? The truth is that most systems are designed for a specific game. However, that’s not to say that they will not be able to have a positive effect when used with other casino games. Most betting systems have been designed with Roulette in mind, but are just as effective when playing other casino games.

Top American casino game betting systems

Two Types of Progressive Betting Systems

When it comes to betting systems, there are two main types. There are the positive and negative progressive betting systems. Within each section, there is a selection of other methods that offer slight variations on the theme. Betting systems all follow the same basic principle; players change the size of their bet, based on whether they won or lost their last bet.

When using a positive progressive betting system, players will increase their bet after they win and decrease after a loss. This is reversed for the negative betting system, where the bet is decreased after a win and increased after a loss.

Which should you use? Positive or Negative Progression?

When it comes to deciding whether to go with using the positive or negative progressive betting systems, opinions are obviously divided. Here at Casino US, we have our preferred method, which we’ll share with you here. We’ll also tell you why we chose the method we did.

We would highly recommend players go with the positive progressive system, where you increase your bet after every win and decrease after a loss. The reason we say this is because this system will allow you to take advantage of winning streaks while having you bet less and less on a losing streak.

In contrast, a negative progressive betting system has you bet less and less on a winning streak, minimizing the amount you’ll stand to win. On top of this, if you get into a bad losing streak, you’re betting more and more. The betting system is relying on the fact that you’ll eventually win again and you’ll get a big payout, but we don’t think it is worth the risk. On top of this, it also requires a bigger bankroll so that players can hold out for that eventual win.

Do Betting Systems work For Players

The truth of the matter is, no matter what you do, the house always wins. This is not to say players can’t beat the house and make off with a big win, but this will not be the case for most players. A betting system cannot change this; it does not magically turn the odds in the player’s favour.

Betting systems are just a good way to systematically place your bets. Players will always know what they’re going to do next. They can also help make the best out of a good or bad situation, but they’re not going to guarantee big wins. Remember, every round is completely is completely independent of the previous round, so winning or losing streaks can go on for some time. Don’t fall victim to the Gambler’s Fallacy.

The Gambler’s Fallacy

The Gambler’s Fallacy is one of those things that most gamblers are probably guilty of believing in, even if they didn’t realize it. Essentially, the Gambler’s Fallacy is that the outcome of a random chance game is somewhat influenced by the previous outcome. An example of this is if you’re playing Roulette. Red has come up on the last five spins, so many players believe that Black is more likely to come up on the next spin. The truth is, whether you’re playing at an online casino or a land-based roulette table, every spin is 100% random and independent of previous results. No matter how many Reds or Blacks have previously come up, each still has the exact same chance of coming up on the next spin.

Betting systems America

Betting Systems Conclusion

Betting systems are great for sticking to a plan when playing your favorite real money casino game at your Internet gambling sites of choice. However, as we said, they can’t magically give the player the advantage and do not guarantee winning money. Gambling, by its very nature, is about luck. We’d definitely recommend choosing a betting system to use; players can even choose several and switch between them, but understand that luck will still determine if you walk away a winner.

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