Cahuilla Tribe Inks Deal for Third Casino Resort in California

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The Cahuilla Tribe who live in the southern area of California Are One Step Closer to their big plans of building 1/3 casino resort in the state. The proposed casino resort will be in Cathedral City. The tribe already runs the Agua Caliente Casino Palm Springs and the Agua Caliente Resort Casino Spa Rancho Mirage. The land for the project is already available to the tribe and it’s 13 Acres along the California State route 111. The details surrounding the plant casino resort have not been fully divulged however we have a recent newspaper report with some substantial information. The Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians seemingly has plans to go super big on this proposed casino resort. There are many employment prospects for the locals who live around the area of Palm Springs. Follow along with us as we reveal what’s the tribe has in store for the new casino resort.

Cahuilla Tribe Plans for the New Casino Resort

Reports say that the tribe plans to build a full casino resort with a 24/7 casino. Not only will it feature the latest casino slots the casino resort will have full entertainment-a restaurant, bar, parking and a mini shopping retail experience. The venue for the casino is yet-to-be-named however it will be in the Cathedral City. The tribe is pouring over six million dollars into the community’s treasury over a period of 10 years to help the Cathedral City manage an addition of a casino which will bring in loads of traffic in-and-around Cathedral City. There’s also an annual contribution of $150000 which will go towards additional law enforcement for Cathedral City. This contribution for additional law enforcement is part and parcel of the six million dollars that will be donated over a period of ten Years by the tribe.


The establishment of the third casino resort run by the Cahuilla Tribe will bring in employment prospects for the community of Cathedral City. Additionally, the fact that the casino is not just going to be a gambling space but a restaurant bar and a mini retail shopping centre will boost the economic activity in the community. The location of the casino will also bring new life to downtown Cathedral City.

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