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Cheating a Casino – Yesterday versus Today

Can you cheat a casino? Any time there is a competition, where someone will win and someone will lose, some people have tried to break the rules to gain an unfair advantage, with the hopes of getting away with it. The same is true when it comes to casinos and cheating, with players trying lever ways to walk away a winner. For years, there has been an ongoing battle between players and gambling establishments, as each tries to stay ahead of the other. Today, it is nearly impossible to cheat a casino, whether land-based or online. That doesn’t stop people from trying though.

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Cheating a Casino, Past and Present

Cheating in the Wild West

Gambling was a beloved pastime in the Wild West and cheating was fairly common. While cheating in casino games certainly didn’t begin in the Wild West, this is where it gained notoriety. We’re sure everyone has seen a movie or TV show where someone is accused of cheating and the issue is resolved with a gun duel.

While it is true that movies and TV shows have exaggerated how violent this time period was, these sorts of arguments did indeed happen.

The Rise of the Casino and Cheating

As gambling became more popular and spread around the world, people took gambling with them. Unfortunately, this generally meant that gambling was done illegally, which meant that players were not safe and there was no guarantee that they were playing a fair game. The establishment that they were playing at had every reason to cheat and try and make as much money as possible.

For gambling to truly move forward, legal casinos needed to be created. With the birth of places like Las Vegas, this started to become a reality. However, most early legal casinos were run by organized crime families, which didn’t exactly make them safe. They were safer than the old underground gambling establishments though, as these casinos were a way for the criminal organizations to make legal money.  We wouldn’t recommend trying to cheat one of these casinos though, as this is when they’d probably go back to the criminal roots very quickly.

Cheating a casino Wild West

Cheating a Casino Today

Cheating a casino has never been easy, but in the past, you could get away with it. Today it is nearly impossible, regardless of whether you’re visiting a land-based casino or a casino online. Land-based casinos have extremely tight security these days, with countless cameras watching the floor. So, even if you manage to sneak something passed the dealer, the camera probably caught you. On top of this, the equipment in a casino, such as dice and roulette wheels is tested regularly to prevent tampering.

When it comes to online sites, it’s probably even more difficult. In order to try and do anything, a person will need a very high level of technical skill with computer software. Even then, it will still be extremely difficult to hack the software. In most cases where a casino site has been cheated out of money, it’s been by one of its own employees abusing their access.

In most other cases involving cheating and a casino website, it is players believing the casino has cheated them out of their money. Players must always make sure to play at a casino that has been verified and tested by independent third-party organizations. We also advise reading through the terms and conditions of a casino to ensure you are in the right. Casinos can refuse to pay out for a number of reasons, but if you keep within their terms, you’ll be fine.

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