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Top Craps FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions About CrapsWe have put this craps FAQs guide to help answer most of the questions asked about craps. The online craps game can seem very confusing, especially when looking at the table. You might have a lot of questions about the game and not know where to start.

Playing the game of craps should be an event that is enjoyable and should not leave you feeling confused because you don’t understand what is going on. As a result, it is always better to get the questions that you have about the game answered before playing. In that way, you will know and understand the game better and in return, improve your gaming experience.

Continue reading below to find answers to the most frequently asked questions about the craps game.

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What are the Basic Rules of Craps?

When playing the craps game, whether at an online casino, from your mobile device or even the live craps game, the basic rules are the same. You have to place bets on the outcome of the roll of the dice. There are two dice that are in play, and at land-based casinos, the gambler who throws the dice is known as the shooter. However, at casinos on the internet, the game is, and a random number generator is used to throw the dice.

How Do You Play Craps for Dummies?

There are three main ways to play craps for dummies.

  1. Know the rules of the game – knowing the rules of the game is the first step in understanding how the game works.
  2. Know possible roll of dice outcomes – there are three possible outcomes for any craps game, which is the natural, the point and the craps. Check below for more.
  3. Know which bets to make – there are various bets that you can make on the table, and you will need to know them so you can make informed bets.

What is the Best Strategy for Craps?

The best strategy when playing craps is to place bets on the Pass/Don’t Pass, or the Come/Don’t Come bets. When playing these bets that house advantage will be around 1.40% and when you lay the odds, the advantage will reduce even further.

Do You Have to Make A Pass Line Bet in Craps?

The pass line bet is considered to be an important bet in craps, which is meant for the gambler to win. What’s more, the pass line bet has to either bet the table minimum or table maximum at most.

What are the Payouts for Craps?

Understanding the craps odds allows you to know how much will be due to you should you win the roll of the dice. See the payouts, odds and house edge for the various bets on the craps table:

  • Pass and Come Bets – Pays 1/1, odds 251/244 and house edge 1.14%
  • Don’t Pass and Don’t Pass Bets – Pays 1/1, odds 976/949 and house edge 1.36%
  • Any Seven – Pays 4/1, odds 5/1 and house edge 16.67%
  • Craps – Pays 7/1, odds 8/1 and house edge 11.11%
  • The Odds – Pays 2/1 for 4,10; 3/2 for 5,10; 6/5 for 6,8; house edge 0% and the odds are the same as the payouts
  • Place Bets – Pays 6/5 for 6,8; 3/2 for 5,9; 2/1 for 4,10; odds 7/6 for 6,8; 7/5 for 5,9; 9/5 for 4,10 and house edge 1.52% for 6,8; 4% for 5,9; 6.67% for 4,10
  • Laying the Odds – Pays 1/2 against 4,10; 5/6 against 6,8; 2/3 against 5,9; house edge is at 0%, and the odds are the same as the payouts
  • Lay Bets – The payout and odds are the same as the place bets except they are in reverse. The house edge is 4% for 6,8; 3.23% for 5,9 and 2.44% for 4,10
  • Big 6 and 8 – Pays 1/1, odds 6/5 and house edge 9.09%
  • Field Bets – Pays 1/1 excluding the 2 at 2/1 and 12 at 3/1, odds 5/4 and house edge 2.78%
  • 3 or 11 – Pays 15/1, odds 17/1 and house edge 11.11%
  • Hard Bets – Pays 30/1 for 2,12; 7/1 for 4,10; 9/1 for 6,8; odds 35/1 for 2,12; 8/1 for 4,10; 10/1 for 6,8 and house edge 13.89% for 2,12; 11.11% for 4,10 and 9.09% for 6,8

Can I Win at Craps?

It is possible to win at craps; however, if you are thinking for the long-term no. This is because the house edge is a challenge for this game, mainly because of all the bets on the table. When playing in just sessions, you can win at playing craps.

Are there Any Good Craps Strategies?

There are many craps strategies that you can use to help improve your chances of winning the game. However, you will have to search the internet and read books to find the one that works for you. There is also the option to use a simple betting method that will not require a lot of strategies studying. By simply betting the come or pass line and making the maximum odds bet. It a common betting method that most players use when playing craps.

What is the Come Out Roll?

The come out roll is the first roll of the dice for each new game. The shooter makes this at land-based casinos, but at casinos on the internet it is computerized. A come out roll of 7 or 11 wins the game while the come out roll of 2, 3 or 12 and a bet were made on the pass line bet it is a loss.

FAQs in Craps

What is the Point?

When the come out roll is 2, 3, 7, 11 or 12 this becomes the point. The same number has to be rolled again for the number to not be a point anymore.

What is the House Edge in Craps?

The house edge is different for all the types of bets that are on the craps table. However, the bet with the lowest house edge is the pass bet at 1.36%. For more see the “what are the payout for craps?” questions above.

Which Sites Offer the Best Craps Games?

There are a lot of US casino websites that offer the game of craps, and as long as you are playing a site that is safe and regulated, you will enjoy the best craps gaming.

What is the difference between online craps and live craps?

When playing online craps, you are playing alone or rather against the computer while live craps are played with other players at land-based casinos. However, there are online casinos that offer live craps, which is done via live streaming with a real croupier. As for online craps, the outcome of the roll of the dice is random because the computer uses the random number generator.

Are there Any Free Craps Games to Play Online?

Yes, there are my casino websites that offer players the option to play craps for free. However, in some cases, you will have to register an account before you can play the game for free.

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