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A Pan Am 747 could be the next attraction in Las Vegas if a Hollywood film studio owner has his way. Recent reports indicate that Talaat Captan, who owns the studio, has come up with a proposal to put a Boeing 747 on the Las Vegas Strip as an attraction.

Pan Am 747 Experience aiming to land in Las Vegas

What the Pan Am 747 will Offer

Captan is currently the CEO of a studio called Air Hollywood. This studio specializes in providing movies with the sets they need to film scenes taking place on airplanes. Captan is currently in talks with various casino operators in Las Vegas, Nevada. He is trying to convince them that his Pan Am 747 will be the next big non-gambling attraction in the city. The plan is for the 747 to offer customers a retro-dining experience with an aviation theme.

Captan and his business partner, Anthony Toth, have completed rebuilding a Pan Am 747, essentially turning it into a time machine. The plan is for the experience to recreate the experience of flying on a Pan Am 747 in the 1970s, even including the same perfume that the stewardesses used. However, the plan they built doesn’t actually fly.

Pan Am 747 Has Some Issues

The vision of the creators is for it to offer an amazing dining experience with the staff dressed in authentic 1970s uniforms. Guests will experience a five-course meal with gourmet dishes, such as black caviar and shrimp. There will also be a fashion show and real 1970s magazines.

However, not everyone is convinced that this is a good idea. Most of Las Vegas is trying to attract younger visitors, especially millennials. This experience is quite the opposite, and it is going to be quite expensive, reportedly going to cost $300 per person.

In addition, it is going to require quite a lot of space, with Captan saying the experience will need 15 000 square feet. Currently, he has been offered 10 000 square feet from Caesars, but he had to decline. Time will tell if this experience ever gets off the ground, so to speak.

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