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New Hampshire Casino and Gambling Guide

New Hampshire Casino GuideThe state of New Hampshire isn’t the most accommodating state when it comes to gambling. However, there are several forms of gambling in New Hampshire that are legal. In fact, it was the first state to legalize a lottery game.

Since then, it hasn’t expanded that much. The first form of legal gambling in New Hampshire was horse racing. Grey Hound racing was also legal for a time, before being outlawed.

Racetracks in New Hampshire are allowed to offer off-track betting, with gamblers being able to place the bets over the internet or the phone. Charity organizations are permitted to offer several gambling games to raise funds. These include the likes of poker, raffle tickets, and bingo.

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Online Gambling Laws in New Hampshire

New Hampshire has several forms of online gambling that are regulated and permitted. Simulcast horse and greyhound betting are legal, with several simulcast companies accepting players from the state. The lottery is also permitted to sell tickets online, offering several subscription options.

As for Daily Fantasy Sports, they claim they are permitted in New Hampshire, claiming they are a game of skill. The law neither supports nor contradicts this. The state’s Attorney General has not officially addressed the matter, so currently, it is accepted that DFS are permitted.

Live Gambling

While gambling is quite restricted in New Hampshire, those looking to gamble still have several options. The oldest form of legal gambling in New Hampshire is betting on horse racing. There are two racetracks in the state today.

As for the lottery, New Hampshire was the first state to legalize lottery games. These days, New Hampshire lottery offers both state-only and interstate lotteries, lie Mega Millions and Power Ball. The lottery also offers scratch card games.

Charities are the closest thing to actual casinos ion the state. Registered charities are permitted to offer bingo games, raffle tickets, and poker games, including poker tournaments.

Most charities offer tournaments. The law requires a maximum buy-in of $150. Charities can offer casino game nights, where games of chance are permitted. However, the limits are far lower than an actual casino.

Residents will also find charity poker rooms, which are often seen as New Hampshire casinos. However, unless it is a casino night, they are not allowed to offer traditional casino games. There are no actual casinos in the state, so players will have to wait until a poker room casino night, or travel to neighboring states with a casino.

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Gambling Laws in New Hampshire

According to the gambling laws in the state of New Hampshire, all games of chance are illegal, unless they are offered by the state lottery or a charity. Generally speaking, a gambling crime will be treated as a misdemeanor, however, operating a gambling operation is a Class B felony.

The law allows for betting on live horse racing, with simulcast betting on horse racing and greyhound racing is also allowed. The state outlawed live greyhound racing back in 2010 and currently, there are efforts to ban simulcast betting on greyhound racing as well.

Lottery tickets are allowed to be bought from various retail shops, as well as over the website. Registered charity organizations will be required to pay the state a tax. Game operators need to pay a $500 fee, a $250 facility fee, and a $25 tax per game offered. In addition to this, at least 35% of the revenue must be retained by the charity.

New Hampshire Gambling History

The first form of legal gambling in New Hampshire was horse racing. This was then followed by the lottery, which was legalized in 1964. This makes New Hampshire the first state to legalize lottery games. The gambling industry would expand in 1977, with charity gambling permitted.

Following charity gambling becoming legal, charity game nights was permitted. Initially, the maximum bet was capped at $1, which was then raised to $2 in 1998. It would be raised to $4 in 2008, before being scrapped completely in 2015. Greyhound racing was banned in 2010, with simulcast betting on dog racing continuing to be legal.

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