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An armed assailant held up a section at the Bellagio in a robbery attempt that culminated in a shootout with law enforcement on Friday night. The unnamed man proceeded to the poker room cages around 21:30 PM and demanded money from the cashiers before running off. It was only outside the casino that the local police confronted the robber, and a shootout ensued. According to the full police report, the robber died hours later after sustaining lethal body shots.

Las Vegas Casino Shootout Ends in Fatality

Having made it out of the casino, the armed robber sought out a getaway vehicle. He attempted to jack the one outside the gambling establishment on the Las Vegas Strip. Seeing the police officers’ approach, the robber opened fire at them and hit one of the policemen in the chest. The police officer also at the scene hit the robber on the chest. Luckily, the policeman who was hit had a bulletproof vest on. The shot hit the cell phone in his pocket on his chest before it got to the vest.

Bellagio Robber Dies in Police Shootout

Bellagio Hotel & Casino Robbery History

The perp is reported to have been involved in other robberies around the United States. Oddly enough, this wasn’t the first time that a robbery had taken place at the Bellagio. The criminal made famous by stealing $1.5 million in chips at the Bellagio’s high-stakes craps tables was Anthony Carleo on December 14. In a bold move, the thief rode in on a motorcycle to the casino’s valet stand and sped off with the loot. He would later return to the scene of the crime and live a life of luxury. He checked in the Bellagio Hotel and sampled the life of the high rollers in Vegas. Guests seemingly picked up on his expensive taste and attempted to sell chips to an undercover police officer.