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Lady Gaga has recently announced that she has signed a residency deal with MGM Resorts. The particulars of the deal with MGM haven’t been confirmed yet, but there is some fairly solid information out there on her residency. Lady Gaga will be performing at MGM’s rebranded Monte Carlo Hotel and Casino, with her shows expected to begin in late 2018.

Lady Gaga Announces Las Vegas residency

Lady Gaga has confirmed that she has signed a residency deal with MGM Resorts. She will begin performing in Las Vegas in late 2018.

Lady Gaga Signs Two Year Deal

Initial reports suggested that the deal would last for around 36 shows, with Lady Gaga receiving $400 000 per show. However, other reports are suggesting that the deal will actually last two years, with as many as 74 shows. She will also have the option of extending the deal if she wants. It is now thought that the deal will be worth $100 million, with the superstar making $75 million from her shows.

It has been rumoured that numerous different Las Vegas casinos have been trying to get Lady Gaga to sign with them for months now, but MGM Resorts has managed to win. MGM is currently spending $450 million on renovating and rebranding the Monte Carlo. Renovations are set to be completed towards the end of 2018, right when Lady Gaga should begin her residency.

Numerous Residencies Ending

Numerous celebrities have been approached for residencies, including Adele. Adele has been seen as the best artist to sign, because she appeals to younger and older audiences. However, Lady Gaga will certainly still pull in crowds, especially younger people, which is exactly what the casinos want. As we know, younger people aren’t all that interested in typical casino games. This has made planning for the future difficult for casinos, who have been looking at skill-based games and eSports to try draw in younger players.

Having popular artists sign residencies has been another way of attracting younger audiences. Numerous residency contracts will be ending soon throughout Las Vegas, so many casinos are looking for their next stars. Some of the residencies that are ending soon include Bruno Mars, Cher, Britney Spears, Elton John, Celine Dion, and Ricky Martin.