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Global Gaming Expo Officially Kicks Off in Las Vegas

Global Gaming Expo US

The Global Gaming Expo (G2E) has officially kicked off in Las Vegas, Nevada this past Monday. G2E is an annual event where members of the gaming community come together for a first glimpse at new products and technological developments in the online gaming space. The Global Gaming Expo is also the biggest gaming event to […]

Alienstock Outcome Betting Lines Open at Sportsbooks

Alienstock aliens in a car

A simple Facebook event about raiding Area 51 to “see them aliens” has led to a major cultural event in the Nevada desert, disrupting the normally quite town of Rachel. Alienstock, an alien-themed music festival that resulted from the post, has caused controversy with one of the organizers – Matty Roberts – disassociating himself from […]

Betting Complaints Increase By 5000% In Five Years

Over the past five-year British betting companies have seen a rise in betting complaints. Over 8266 complaints were recorded by the Gambling commission regulator in 2018. The BBC Panorama obtained the records the issues have spiked by 5000% when compared to the 169 complaints received in 2013. The rise follows the steady increase in gambling […]

Lee Nelson World-Class Poker Player

Lee Nelson

Lee Nelson is a well-loved and respected poker player in the world and especially the US. He mostly frequents the Australian poker tournament circuit which has seen him win several awards including the Crown Australian Poker Championship. In 2005 Nelson won a $400.000 first prize in the PartyPoker World Open. While in England he also […]

Scientific Games Launch OpenSports Portfolio

Scientific Games Launch OpenSports Portfolio

OpenSports is an all-new portfolio of apps geared towards US sportsbooks from Scientific Games. Since OpenSports is designed to improve bookmaking, there are many products to look forward to. These resources are intended to improve the current offering by updating account management, odds calculations and user interfaces. What’s more, there will be faster solutions for […]

Game of Thrones Final Season Bets

Game of Thrones has managed to get a cult following not only in the USA but worldwide. Therefore, it is no surprise that many online betting sites have included bets on the final season. As the eighth and final season of the legendary GoT draws near, the biggest question is who will live to claim […]

Seven French Players Arrested for Tennis Match-Fixing

Seven French Players Arrested for Tennis Match-Fixing

Tennis match-fixing investigations are ramping up after the syndicate head was arrested in Belgium last June. At least seven players have been detained on tennis match-fixing allegations. According to reports, the man (a.k.a. the ‘Maestro’) was apprehended last June. The Maestro, real name Grigor Sargsyan, is facing charges of heading a huge gambling syndicate that […]

Face Recognition Technology Making Waves at Casinos

While most of us are familiar with face recognition on smart phones, the biometric is now being used at physical casinos. Of course, there have been major drawbacks with the tech on our phones. In fact, ways to trick it made headlines last year. So, how can casinos avoid false matches and incorrect identification? Through […]

Scientific Games Signs Decade-Long Deal with Turkish Government

Scientific Games, a multinational US-based casino equipment and gaming solutions company, has won a major contract with Turkey’s state-owned sports betting company IDDAA. It will provide mobile and land-based sports betting technology to the Turkish government for the next ten years. Turkey has the largest state-owned sport betting market in Europe and is among the […]

Mystery Brand Scandal After YouTubers Promote Questionable Site

Mystery B rand YouTube Scandal

The gambling website, Mystery Brand, has found itself at the centre of controversy after two prominent YouTubers promoted the polish gambling website. The scandal revolves around some of the outrageous prizes being offered, as well as the fact that the YouTubers in question have plenty of young children in their audience. Mystery Brand Offers Real […]

Midterm Election gambling Shakeup

Midterm elections shake up gambling in several states

The United States had its midterm elections earlier this week. Several states, namely Florida and Arkansas, had some rather large issues related to gambling being put to the voters. Now, the results are in, and there have been some pretty big gambling changes thanks to the election. Here are some of the biggest gambling changes […]

Celine Dion Announces End of Las Vegas Residency

Celine Dion announces end of Las Vegas residency

Celine Dion recently announced that her residency in Las Vegas would be coming to an end in June 2019. The Canadian singer has been performing in Sin City for 13 years and was responsible for making these types of residencies desirable. The singer announced the end of her residency at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace […]

Formula One Welcomes Sports Betting with $100 Million Deal

Formula One signs sponsorship deal with sports betting

Formula One will officially be welcoming sports betting, following a deal with a UK-based marketing agency. Formula One has traditionally distanced itself from sports betting, but with this new deal, it looks to embrace gambling on races. Formula One Breaks with Tradition The deal was between F1 and Interregional Sports Group, which is a marketing […]

Australian Study Links Loot Boxes to Problem Gambling

Loot boxes have psychological effects of gambling

A recent study conducted in Australia has released their findings, which point to a link between loot boxes in video games and problem gambling. Loot boxes are containers in games that contain a random selection of in-game items. These have come under the spotlight recently, as governments around the world grapple with whether they should […]

EA Could Face Criminal Prosecution in Belgium For FIFA Loot Boxes

EA Could face criminal prosecution in Belgium

Electronic Arts, more commonly known as EA, could potentially face criminal prosecution in Belgium for refusing to remove loot boxes from its video game, FIFA 18. Belgium’s gaming commission recently declared many loot boxes in video games to constitute illegal gambling in their current form and that they needed to be removed or modified. The […]

Dan Bilzerian Warrant Issued in Azerbaijan

Dan Bilzerian firing heavy weaponry in Armenia

Dan Bilzerian, the King of Instagram, has recently had a warrant for his arrest issued in Azerbaijan. Bilzerian is known for his love of firearms, and attractive women. He recently posted pictures firing an RPG in Armenia, which has lead to authorities in neighboring Azerbaijan to issue a warrant for his arrest.     Bilzerian […]

UK Bans Withdrawal Limits for Online Gambling Websites

UK Bans restrictive and unfair online gambling withdrawal policies

The UK has recently told online casinos that they will need to remove any form of withdrawal restrictions for players. Following a report by the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), it has been determined that players must be allowed to withdraw their money whenever they decide to. The investigation by the CMA occurred following […]