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Gambling Strategies

Can I Zelle Money to a Casino?

Zelle Online Casino Banking

Zelle is a payment method that allows you to make online deposits. The best part about this payment method is that many major banks accept it in the united states. Zelle allows you a convenient way to send funds to your banking account. Plus, you can use it to buy Bitcoin .and then deposit funds. […]

Which Online Casinos Are Legit in the US?

Legit online casinos are the best option for USA players who want a safe gambling experience. Your data and banking information should always be protected, but how can you be sure? We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 digital casinos and how to identify the real deal below. After all, you can’t be too […]

What is a Penny Slot?

Penny Slot Machines

Penny slots are slot machines that allow you to play one cent on a payline. These cents will add up to a few pennies for every spin. Penny slots are one of the cheapest slot machines available online; the highest bet in penny slots might be a maximum of 25 cents. Learn more about penny […]

How Do Video Slots Work?

Video Slots Machines

Video Slots are one of the most common casino games available at online gambling sites. Usually, 75% of a casino’s slot library will be video slot machines. All slot machines online have the same basic mechanics. However, slot developers are innovative in creating variations with the games. Learn more about playing video slots and how […]

What is the Hardest Game to Win in a Casino?

Hardest Casino Game

Finding out what the hardest game in a casino takes work. Casino games don’t have the same difficulty level, so you should choose games that are consistent with your skill level. Read this guide to find out which casino games are difficult to win. Top 5 Hardest Games to Win at a Casino Online Blackjack […]

Is Live Roulette Fixed?

Is Live Roulette Rigged

Live roulette is not fixed when playing at reputable casino sites in America. Many players want to find out whether live roulette is fixed in favor of the casino and software providers. In general, live dealer casinos are not rigged because software developers ensure that roulette games are secure. However, we must acknowledge that some […]

What Are the Different Types of Slot Machines?

Types of Slot Machine Games

There are many different types of slot machines that you can play at the best slot sites in the USA. Once you’ve decided to play online slots, you need to decide what type of slot game you prefer. Find the different online slots available at the best online casino sites USA. Types of Slot Machines […]

Are Penny Slot Machines Worth It?

Penny Slot Machines Online

Penny slot machines are worth playing because they are some of the best slot games. These games are low-cost because you can place bets for as little as 1 cent. Besides the low cost, there are many reasons why you should play penny slot machines at our recommended slot sites. Find a list of the […]

What Number is Called the Most in Bingo?

Lucky Bingo Number

The most called number in bingo is 6. Although bingo is largely based on luck, the information received from different draws reveals that six is frequently called. So, you can think of this number as one of your lucky numbers to bet on when you are playing bingo online. However, consider betting on other numbers […]

What is a Scatter Symbol?

Online Slot Scatter Symbol

A scatter is a symbol that unlocks many fun bonus features in a slot machine. The scatter symbol has to appear on the reels to trigger mini-games, free spins or other bonuses. These symbols are unlike other slot symbols because they have to be lined up on a payline for you to win. A scatter […]

What Are Bingo Slot Machines?

Bingo Slots

Bingo slot machines are slots that are synchronized with a bingo game. So, when you spin the reels, you’re playing a fast game of bingo. The other feature of bingo slots is that you play against other players instead of the casino. Bingo slot machines are easily identifiable because they have a 5×5 Bingo card. […]

What is the Point of Playing Online Bingo?

Playing Bingo

There are many benefits to playing online bingo. These days players have tastes that change frequently. Not many activities can claim longevity when keeping players’ attention. However, bingo is the exception to the rule because its history can be traced back to the 16th century. Many online casinos in the USA have introduced bingo to […]

What Number is Most Likely to Win Keno?

Experts say 27 is most likely to win keno because it comes up frequently. If you want to win keno, you need to have a good strategy to help you predict the numbers. Many players in the US love playing keno because it’s a game that’s relaxing. And you don’t necessarily have to think too […]

What is the Best Bet in Sic Bo?

Best Bet in Sic Bo

Have you ever asked, “what’s the best bet in Sic bo?” Then you have come to the right place. You’ll notice that sic bo has some similarities to craps. For example, it features a board that has three dice. Similarly to craps, the board may look confusing at first, and you may find it difficult […]

Is There an Algorithm for Online Poker?

Online Poker Algorithm

People often wonder if there is an algorithm for online poker because if there is, it could be susceptible to hackers. However, the best poker sites in the US have excellent SSL encryption and security measures to protect their software from hackers. However, more online poker sites protect their websites so players won’t leave them. […]

Can You Beat Online Blackjack?

Beating Online Blackjack

Yes, you can beat online blackjack if you have the right strategy. For example, some players believe using a simple plus-minus count will help them beat blackjack online. Blackjack is one of the few games with the opportunity to get a mathematical advantage over the casino. However, not many players understand how to beat online […]

What’s the Secret to Winning Slot Tournaments?

Winning Online Slot Tournaments

Many people claim that they have the best strategy for winning slot tournaments. Remember that slot machine games are games of chance. Which means you have a 50% chance of winning or losing. With that said, you can use some winning slot tournament strategies to improve your odds. So, we have listed some “secrets” to […]

How Does An Online Casino Payout?

How Does An Online Casino Payout?

Online casino payout methods vary, so how do you pick the right one that pays out fast? Here at, we recommend cryptocurrencies and credit cards as the first and second options. These secure online casino payout options take about an hour to process, which is the fastest we’ve experienced. Unfortunately, there’s no such thing […]

Are There Online Casinos that Accept Apple Pay?

Casinos Accepting Apple Pay

Currently, there are no casinos that accept Apple Pay as a banking method in the USA. However, that does not mean you cannot fund your bankroll using Apple Pay. We have a list of the best online casinos with multiple banking methods that allow Apple Pay. This article provides a step-by-step guide on using Apple […]

How Do You Pick A Winning Slot Machine?

How Do You Pick A Winning Slot Machine?

Whenever you visit online casinos, picking a winning slot machine seems impossible when there are so many to choose from. So, we’ve compiled a list of the best ways to pick a winning online slot every time. Check out these top five tips from our team of slot fanatics at They’re guaranteed to help […]