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Top Lottery System Guide 2021

lottery system USADo lottery systems work? One of the most popular gambling games around the world, every week people try their luck with the hopes of winning millions of dollars. Naturally, a lottery system would develop, as people tried to make sense of the apparent randomness that is the lotto draw.

Anyone who could crack the code to the lottery would become mega-rich by just spending a few dollars. So, anyone from the average Joe to professors of mathematics have created their own lotto systems that guarantee its users either increased odds of winning the jackpot and guaranteed small prize wins whenever they played.

However, the lotto is a game that’s purely based on luck and randomness. But that hasn’t stopped people from creating methods that are perceived to increase your chances of winning. Maybe it does help you in some way in figuring out how to win the lottery. It certainly is better than picking numbers based off gut feeling or important dates like birthdays and anniversaries.

The latter, especially, limits your selection of numbers to anything lower than 31, unnecessarily restricting your number of choices. So, let’s take a look at the lottery winning system, what a lottery system is, and which ones are out there for players that are fans of the lotto. Use these to play at our top USA casino sites.

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What is a Lottery System?

Basically, a lottery system is a method a player uses to pick numbers when playing the lotto. These numbers are selected with the aim of maximizing their chances of winning a jackpot and/or other prizes in a draw.

It works off the assumption that most people don’t know how to pick their numbers on their lottery ticket. What’s common about all lottery winning systems is that they claim to offer a way of lowering the house edge or that you’ll win over a long period of time. Usually, it includes:

  • Analyzing historical data and following the patterns of previous draws. Generally, players would look at the numbers that are likely to show up after ones recently drawn; how the numbers are moving in a specific game; or using an algorithm of previous results.
  • Playing with a combination of more than one ticket that all have certain numbers. This makes sure that if some of these numbers do show up, they will win multiple times.
  • Keeping track of hot or cold numbers to predict which numbers will show up again or are due in the near future.

Do They Work?

This answer is quite complex to answer. If you’re looking for a system that will guide you in how to win the lottery over the long term then no. Lottery systems that track numbers either through a hot number and cold number system, or a long-term data collection and analysis system give in to an error of logic.

Players that believe it’s possible to predict future results of completely random events have fallen for the gambler’s fallacy. The balls used in the draw and the device used to pick the number have no memory of when and which number it “picked”.

lottery numbers data

Lottery System that You Can Use

Not all is lost though. However random a lottery game may be, lottery winning systems work in a way. These systems work to increase your chances of winning smaller multiple prizes and not the huge jackpot everybody is gunning for.

However, your chances of winning the big prize are increased when you play so, you never know. Some of the more popular lottery that can help you with figuring out how to win the lottery include:

Lottery Wheel

This common lottery system is also known as the wheeling system. The lotto wheel can be used on any lottery draw around the world. It helps players:

  • In their strategy, encourages them to aim for lower prizes;
  • Covers all the possibilities and leaves you to fill in the lottery ticket(s).

So, this system guarantees that you’ll walk away with smaller prizes which means you cover the cost of playing and you net a nice small profit.

Inverted Lottery System

This is known as one of the most popular lottery systems in the game. Invented by Belgian Stefan Vandevelde, it uses the wheeling system and increases your chances of winning. Like the one above, it aims for the smaller secondary prizes. The inverted lottery system works well for:

  • Pick 5 and pick 6 number lotto draws and can, therefore, be used on lotteries around the globe.
  • Basically, you pick your numbers from a small pool of numbers and the systems guarantees that the winning numbers will be in that pool.
  • It’s easy to learn and straightforward.

You can read more on the inverted system online and download the ebook to learn more about it.

Silver Lottery System

Another lottery system circulating around the internet is the Silver lotto system. It’s been around since 1991 and claims that you’ll win the lottery eight out of 10 times using it. Now that sounds too good to be true (it most probably is).

However, the creator of this system, Ken Silver, won AU$2.7 million through the lottery so maybe he’s on to something. The Silver system makes use of the wheeling system. Players not only win smaller prizes but also stand the chance of winning the jackpot itself. Read more on the Silver lottery system and find the ebook online.

The Lottery Checkmate System

Designed by Russian chess player Sergey Tabin, this system is considered the best out there. It’s in no way related to chess and is easy to use.

Lottery Checkmate works with pick 5, pick 6, and pick 7 lotteries around the world. It guarantees that you’ll learn how to pick the right numbers to play for any budget level you are. Check it out online.

These are just a number of many lottery winning systems out there. There are the System 7, System 8, Delta Lotto System, and System 9 lotto playing strategies.

So, there’s more to playing the lotto than just picking numbers you like the sound of or those that have sentimental value. There are people out there who have made careers developing a winning lottery system and getting people one step closer in finding out how to win the lottery.

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