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The two-time LA Poker Classic champion, Mike Noori, has entered into a rather strange wager agreement, betting America that he can eat $1000 worth of McDonald’s food in 36 hours. This is a monumental challenge that many people believe will be impossible. Soon though, he will have to put his money where his mouth is and try to complete the bet.

Mike Noori takes on McDonalds challenge


Poker Player Faces Huge McDonalds Challenge

The idea was proposed to Noori by a well-known tournament directed by Matt Savage, who is giving Noori 5:1 odds on the bet. At this time, we don’t know how much he will win, should he be successful, but he has said that over $200 000 has been wagered on his challenge.

Many people have come out and said that this challenge would be nearly impossible. Even if he eats the Southwest Grilled Chicken Salad, which is the menu item with the lowest number of calories per dollar, he will still have to eat around 66 000 calories to complete the task. That alone seems like an impossibility.

Others have been a little more optimistic, saying that there are people who already eat 20 000 calories a day when training. They added that if he does a lot of exercise, it should be possible. We’re not so sure, but time will tell.

Conditions for the bet

As you’d expect from any seasoned gambler and poker player, he is not entering into this without a plan. He will begin the challenge by eating $500 of apple slices, followed by $200 of salads. Neither of these will be a walk in the park as the salads will all be served with bacon, cheese and guacamole, while $500 worth of apple slices equates to 1500 servings.

Once he manages these, he’ll then have to eat $300 worth of hot food items, with at least $50 being spent on burgers. All of these numbers are conditions that have to be met for the bet to be valid and Noori is not allowed to use a blender or anything like of the sort to assist him. He has to eat and chew everything in order to win. Finally, vomiting has been deemed as ok, as long as it isn’t forced.