US Dollar Casinos are Internet casinos that allow players from the United States to play the online casino games and place their bets in US Dollars, just as they could in a traditional casino. Due to the widespread use of our currency around the world, it is extremely easy to find an online casino that accepts the US dollar. In fact, it’ll probably be more difficult to find one that doesn’t accept it. However, just because the US dollar is accepted, doesn’t mean the casino itself will accept players from America.

At Casino US, we have found the very best US Dollar casinos. Not only do these casinos allow players to gamble with US dollars, but they also accept players from America. Gambling in US dollars is by far the most convenient way to play casino games. It saves players from having the convert their dollars into another currency. This saves the player money, as well as making it easier to accurately decide on how much to bet. So, make sure you check out our top-rated online casino websites that accept US Dollar and start having fun today!

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Best US Dollar Casinos 2019

  1. Old Havana Online Casino
    Old Havana Casino Best American Casino

    98.21% PAYOUT

  2. Las Vegas USA Casino
    USA Top Online Casino Las Vegas USA Casino

    99% PAYOUT

  3. 3
    Vegas Casino
    Vegas Casino

    98% PAYOUT

  4. 4
    Bovegas Online Casino
    Best USA Online Casinos

    99.10% PAYOUT

  5. 5
    Club World Casino
    Club World Casino

    97.32% PAYOUT

  6. 6
    Cafe Casino
    Cafe casino online usa

    98.32% PAYOUT

  7. 7
    best casino sites USA All Star Slots

    98.32% PAYOUT

  8. 8
    Irish Luck Casino
    Irish Luck Casino

    98.05% PAYOUT

How to play at US Dollar Casinos

As we mentioned earlier, it will be very difficult to find an online casino that doesn’t accept the US Dollar. However, most online casinos around the world will not accept players from the USA. Once you’ve found an online casino that is available to players in the United States, you’ll simply need to deposit funds into your casino account.

During this process, you’ll likely be able to choose which currency you wish to play in, and this is when you’ll select the US Dollar. From then on, all gaming will be displayed in Dollars, so you’ll never have to worry about how much you’re betting, what you won, or how much you have left in your account.

Popular Banking methods for US Dollar Casinos in 2019

Because of the widespread use of the US dollar, players will be able to use almost any Banking method with the US Dollar. This makes life very easy for American citizens, as they won’t have to search for an appropriate banking method. Some of the most popular casino banking methods that can be used with the American dollar include

  • Credit and Debit Cards such as Visa and MasterCard
  • E-Wallets: there are many different e-Wallet options out there, some of the biggest are Paypal, Skrill, Neteller and POLi
  • Direct Bank Transfers

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Why play in US Dollars?

Thanks to modern technology, players can deposit funds into their casino account from almost any country in the world and play in whichever currency the casino offers. We’d always recommend you play in your own currency, whether that be US Dollars for our American players, or some other currency for players from other parts of the world. So, what are the benefits of playing in your own local currency?

  • There will be no currency exchange fees. Sometimes banks may charge you if you need to convert your money to another currency. Playing in your own currency avoids these charges completely.
  • Keeping track of your bets is much easier when you play in your own currency. When players need to convert the bets in their head to figure out how much money they are actually wagering, it slows things down and introduces the possibility for mistakes. If a player calculates incorrectly, they could potentially land up betting far more than they intended to. Alternatively, they could get lucky and land a fantastic win, only to have bet less than you wanted and land up winning a smaller jackpot.

All of this leads to faster games and better decision making abilities. While it may be more difficult for some smaller countries to find online casinos that accept their currency, players from the United States will have no issue finding top online casinos in America that accept the Dollar.

How we choose the best US Dollar Casinos

You may be wondering how we go about recommending online US dollar casinos to our American readers. The truth is, we put a lot of effort into recommending only the best online casinos out there. Our readers trust us and we’d hate to let them down and recommend an online casino that is untrustworthy. Below are the main criteria that need to be met before we recommend a particular casino.

  • We firstly make sure the online casino accepts players from the USA. Just accepting the Dollar isn’t enough.
  • The online casino also needs to be fully licensed and regulated by third party organisations which ensure players are treated properly and the games are fair.
  • Casino US also makes sure that the recommended casinos will pay out winnings in a timely manner.
  • Customer support is very important to us as well, so we try to only recommend online casinos with the best customer support services.
  • Any recommended online casino needs to have a wide selection of games, including the best online slots and table games. If the casino’s game selection is underwhelming, chances are you won’t see it recommended here.
  • Finally, we make sure there is a wide range of different banking options for players to use.

As long as these criteria are met, we’re happy to recommend a casino to our readers. However, should an online casino fail to meet our standards, we’ll never recommend that our readers use it.

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