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It seems like unlicensed gambling businesses are in the crosshairs. A recent police raid in California resulted in the seizure of 125 alleged illegal gambling machines from an unauthorized venue operating near Modesto. While, in another separate police raid in Texas, Dallas law enforcement confiscated 47 illegal machines in Texas City.

police raid illegal gambling businesses

The police raid in Modesto, CA was triggered after authorities followed someone who was out on probation. However, Modesto authorities had been watching the operation before the search took place. In the raid, police also confiscated three guns which were a shotgun, AR-15 rifle, and a pistol.

During the raid of the 2,000 square foot building, there were 29 people who were detained. However, they arrested three and they are continuing to investigate the operation. The building California police raided was formerly rented to religious congregations.

Police Raid Illegal Gambling Dens in California

But four months ago, the landlord rented it to what was supposedly a vending machine repair shop. However, the landlord became concerned when he noticed a large number of cars parked around the property both during the day and night.

In the previous month the police raided an illegal gambling business in Long Beach, California. This one was operating under the guise of a thrift store. The police raid led to the detention of 64 people and 11 arrests. There were a number of electronic gambling machines. Residents had tipped off the police. They complained about excessive activity at the building during usual hours.

Again, in Long Beach, vice detectives discovered an illegal gambling operation in July 2019. It was being run from a residence in the area. Police seized gaming machines, weapons, ammunition, and $2,000. Additionally, three people were arrested.

Dallas also made a significant bust. A police raid of an illegal gambling operation resulted in the confiscation of 47 gaming machines, a handgun, and $6,650. There were complaints made to the police about suspected gambling at the property. The Dallas police and SWAT team conducted the raid.

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