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What Are the Gambling Age Restrictions in the United States?

Can I Gamble at 18 in the US?

Most states have minimum gambling age restrictions of 21, but it varies because there’s no consensus. At least four states allow players over 18 to gamble: Oklahoma, Montana, Wyoming, and Rhode Island. Most states allow anyone over 18 to play the lottery and bet on horse racing. However, no states allow anyone under 16 years […]

Colorado Casinos Eager to Open a Retail and Mobile Sportsbook

Colorado Casinos to Open a Retail and Mobile Sportsbook

Colorado casinos have sent in their application for licenses that will permit them to run web-based, mobile and land-based sportsbooks. The Central State accepted the legislation in November, according to The Denver newspaper. It’s expected that the state will be in operation in May. This license is a requirement for any company planning on building […]