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Gambling Strategies

Is there a Best Time to Play Online Slots?

best time to play slots

Many players have asked themselves this question when visiting a casino. However, there is not a definitive answer to the question “Is there a best time to play online slots?”. Since there are so many myths regarding slot machines, it is unsurprising that some people want to know when the best time to play slots […]

Online Blackjack Advantage Play

Using advantage play in blackjack to your favour

Many casino gamblers consider advantage play as illegal and cheating with severe consequences. However, advantage play is simply about using techniques to give the player an advantage against the house and making it easier to win. The only thing that might be considered bad about this is that at some casinos you will be blacklisted […]

Online Poker Myths: Top 10 Misconceptions

keyboard with casino poker cards and chips

Online poker myths have become quite a common aspect of playing this table game. Many of these myths have been repeated by players so many times that most people now believe them to be true. However, most of these myths either come from a place of ignorance or irritation by online gamblers because they’ve lost […]

Roulette Odds Online

Roulette Odds & Payouts

Roulette odds are governed by several factors, and players can increase the probability of winning every time they play upon getting a handle on what odds mean. Part of improving your chances of winning involves understanding how roulette odds work and employing a strategy that will help you reach your target. We’ve created this guide […]

Winning Keno Tips 2020

Discover how winning keno in the US can be achieved. Keno is one of the most underestimated casino games in the gaming industry. We have taken strategies from the best experts in the US that will give you the best chances of winning keno. Many online players still view keno as a game that is […]