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Scientific Games Launch OpenSports Portfolio

OpenSports is an all-new portfolio of apps geared towards US sportsbooks from Scientific Games. Since OpenSports is designed to improve bookmaking, there are many products to look forward to. These resources are intended to improve the current offering by updating account management, odds calculations and user interfaces. What’s more, there will be faster solutions for daily promotions and activities.

And the apps will be available for single purchase or as an all-inclusive package. Currently, OpenSports offers OpenBet, but their solutions will be expanded with OpenPlatform, OpenTrade, OpenEngage and OpenAccelerate. These ‘turnkey’ apps could allow for growth in states with existing sportsbooks operated by Caesars Entertainment.

Scientific Games Launch OpenSports Portfolio

Growing Industry for OpenSports

Legal sports betting in the US has allowed Scientific Games to expand their business and grow as a company. In the past year, they have paved the way for gambling with OpenSports. And now help to operate sportsbooks legally in Mississippi, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania with Caesars Entertainment. Last year, the software creator also closed a deal to acquire Don Best Sports.

The deal allows Scientific Games access to some of the best odds-making solutions for OpenSports. More so, they have increased insight into the North American betting industry. Of course, integrating so many apps could be tricky later on. But they seem to love a challenge, especially overseas. So, what’s in store for the Las Vegas-based gambling firm?

Well, they’ve just signed deals in New Zealand and Turkey to offer their betting products. With so many new contracts, OpenSports and Scientific Games are processing 20 000 ‘glitch-free’ bets per minute. In the past year, they’ve handled over 2.4 billion wagers world-wide.

American Market Needs to ‘Mature’

At a recent conference, CEO Barry Cottle stated that the US market for betting is not yet ‘mature’. He believes that the industry needs two to three years to become substantial. Still, he says that the company is willing to wait for that to happen. In the meantime, they will also be lobbying for online casino gaming to be legalized in the United States.

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