Roulette Software for US Players The origins of roulette can be traced back to the 18th century where the French first played the game. The game soon spread to the US and Europe and soon gained quite a following. Since then developments in the game of roulette has exponentially grown. Over the years when playing for real money at gambling sites became a popular activity, so did the development of roulette software.

Naturally, people are going to look for different ways to help them win some real money at the roulette wheel. People were only able to find outdated books about winning roulette at land-based casinos. Many casino software developers saw a gap in this particular market and came up with software for various roulette games.

Back in the day, there were only two roulette software programs that were popular with roulette players which were Roulette Sniper and Roulette Killer. So, when players used the software would place the result of each spin in the program then the software would let you know where to bet.

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Type of Roulette Software

There are various roulette software programs that players if they want to win some real money at the roulette table. Here are a few software programs.

  • Roulette Bot Plus – This software is often advertised through pop up advertisements. Many roulette players were not impressed with this roulette software. Some people think that that it does not work.
  • Roulette Sniper – This is one of the two roulette software programs that many people started using when they were playing roulette for real money. Some people have found that it works for them while others have not been impressed with this program.
  • Roulette Killer – this roulette software was released in 2007, and it was one of the few programs released then.
  • World Best Roulette System – This is an excellent program, and many have recorded some wins when they used this roulette software. However, many have complained that this software is quite expensive to use.
  • Roulette Assault – This is an automated roulette software bot that uses 5 established systems at four different casino platforms. This is quite a useful tool to use when playing roulette. However, there are limitations.
  • Roulette Bot Pro – This software has 10 systems, and it can work on more than one casino platform. But this software is a little expensive for a beginner roulette player who has not won anything.
  • Money Maker Machine – This is one of the best tools that you can use when playing roulette at any of the online gambling sites that we have suggested to you.
  • Roulette Number – This system is majorly based on placing a straight bet, which means that you will be betting on one number. But you have to be careful when you are using this software because there are chances of you losing.

Different Roulette Software

Best Platforms for Roulette Games

Playing roulette on the internet is quite thrilling, and that is why people keep returning to play roulette. Some roulette software does not work on specific casino platforms. There are a few casino software platforms that can accept roulette software. These platforms include the different software providers that operate in America. These three platforms are useful because they can take different roulette software.

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